• Dissipation - Clouds will randomly clear themselves.
  • Sprites: Birds, clouds, the sea, and the border storm all get some texture! (Birds are still not bird shaped though...)
  • Animation: Clouds now have a clear animation.
  • Sounds: Swooshes for snaring birds and clearing clouds.


  • Personality: The color of the bird now effects it's speed.
  • Controls: Birds can now be snared with any mouse button.
  • Bird size: They're significantly smaller.
  • Transparency: Clouds and the border storm are now slightly transparent to facilitate bird snaring.
  • Window border: Enabled window border to facilitate resizing the window. (Btw Alt+enter for full screen)

Planned additions:

  • Better sprites (birds should look like birds)
  • Bird flight & snare animations
  • In-game story
  • More replay value (Cloud types? Sky vehicles?)
  • Android release


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Mar 06, 2022

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